I have just had my oak floors in the Kitchen Lounge and Hallway restored. Newcastle Floor Sanding arrived at 8.15 am. Expecting to have to leave the house overnight we were told that wasn’t the case because the varnish they use dries really quickly. We had all our floors finished and dried by 5.45 the same day. We were told that we could walk on the floors 1 hour after the 3rd coat had been applied, my husband thought they might not be able to apply the 3rd coat as it was late afternoon but he watched each coat going on and he tested it after the hour and it was dry. We did leave the heating on to help it dry quicker. Our neighbour had her floors done by a different company 2 weeks after us and she had to stay out overnight and her floors were smaller than ours. Thanks for a lovely job we are over the moon, will certainly recommend you to anyone we know who needs their floors restored. We have in fact already done this.